Wood Floors

Katy Wood Floors Add Beauty, Warmth, and Charm
Flooring your Katy home? No other flooring material adds more beauty, warmth, or charm than hardwood floors. Wood floors lend a timeless elegance to any home and are easier to clean than ever before. As you consider the many choices available today, consider contracting with Katy’s wood floor specialist.

We’ve been in the contracting business for over twenty years and have seen flooring styles come and go. One thing we’ve noticed is that wood floors never go out of style. Today’s hardwood flooring has evolved with more choices, eco-friendly flooring options, and low-maintenance finishes and polishes. Whether you want a formal look or a cozy one, we are experts in delivering exactly what you have in mind.

Wood Floor Benefits
Not only are wood floors a gorgeous choice, they offer a variety of benefits over other flooring materials including:

  • Eco-friendly - If you’re concerned about the environment, wood floors are a natural choice! Choose recycled wood (such as off an old barn) for a distressed look and the peace of mind that you are doing your part or opt for a fast-growing bamboo wood. As a renewable resource, you can feel good about your investment in wood floors. Plus, years from now, your Katy wood floor can be recycled.
  • Health benefits – Unlike carpets, wood floors are not dust and allergen warehouses. Once the floors are cleaned, the dust and allergens are gone whereas carpets are notorious for trapping dirt and debris.
  • Low maintenance – Think you have to spend hours cleaning your wood floors? Think again. Today’s wood floors feature advanced finishes and stains that are easy to keep clean. Simply sweep or vacuum regularly and then occasionally use a good wood cleaner approved for your floor’s finish.
  • Renewability – Should a spill or scratch occur, wood floors tend to be one of the more forgiving floors. Often, all you need to do is wipe up the spill or rub out the scratch. Repair kits are available for deeper scratches.  
  • Affordability – Tired of replacing your carpets every few years? Or worse, living with worn out and soiled carpet until you can afford to replace them? Wood floors are affordable upfront as well as over the long term. In fact, expect your Katy home’s wood floors to last a lifetime with proper care and the occasional professional refinishing (every 10-15 years).
  • Lots of styles – Consult with a Katy wood floors specialist and discover the huge variety of wood flooring styles and finishes available. The type of wood itself is but one of many design options. Other considerations include color, finish, borders, medallions, painting, distressing, and even mixing wood with other flooring materials.
Other benefits include resale value, acoustics, and comfort.
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